Shisler's Cheese House
Best Little Cheese House in Orrville
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The Shisler Boys - Grandpa John Shisler, top row left, started our little cheese house in 1958


Dan and Rita Shisler, 1970.... (we miss you Dan; hope you're cutting lots of cheese in heaven)


Rita's mom, Henrietta Baumgartner, now in heaven, used to plant flowers, make crafts and greet customers (in German).  We love and miss you, mom!!!!


Rita recruited her sisters, Minny and Shirley Gates to help in the store and brother Tony helps with deliveries.

Princess Grace
Grace Shisler, Oma's pride and joy

Oma's Helper

Daniel Shisler
st. Vincent/St. Mary's Football

Rita and Dan's grandchildren, Daniel and Grace Shisler, help out in the store when visiting